About - You Drive Health!

We believe in health, or wellness, or well-being – whatever you want to call it.  We’re not aiming our site at any particular group – we’d like to help if we can.

We have links to local authority, and we believe in social corporate responsibility.  Our team and contributors have many years of business and life experience, and we are adding all areas of expertise, including health professionals, lawyers, business people, academics and most importantly people who have had real life experiences that people can learn from. We want you to join us, contribute and share your experience to YouDriveHealth for everyone.
You Drive Your Health!

People should be in charge of their own health, so we try and give you some information, give you some tools to decide what your options are and then give you the chance to do something about it. 

We know that not everyone is able to make the changes they want to make, so here we try and provide the support that might make the difference between achieving what you set out to do and not.

We believe in what we’re doing.  We want to create a community of people who care. Click below to see what we’re about.