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The YouDriver Process

Here you can have a look at our YouDriver process. It's designed to let people look at their own health, see what's important to them (including taking a questionnaire to see how healthy they are), and then make improvements through an action plan.

There are several steps to the process (not that everyone has to go through all the steps all the time!), so for your feedback we've split the process into a few sections. These are:
* Registration - how you joined
* Your health profile - your overall health and attitude to change
* Prioritising your health areas - deciding what to focus on
* Your action plan - how you try to make improvements
* Experts - what did you think of having experts help?
* Other - when you can't work out which section your issue is in!
If you want to find out more about the sections, click the button below and a new page will open with more information.

Thanks for helping us by providing feedback.  We hope we’ve made it easy – there are several ways you can do it – we don’t mind, we’re grateful you’re trying it out.

If you want to use our site to do it, then we can set you up a page where you can just add issues as you go.  In a way we think that will be easiest, as everything is in the same place and we can give you multiple choice options for some questions.  However, you will also be able to use email or WhatsApp, or just let us know informally.  It’s up to you.

Please fill in the form below setting out how you want to provide feedback. First give your feedback a catchy name, so you’ll remember it! Your feedback page will be called “[Your User name] feedback called [catchy name]

Then just a few words telling us  what you expect from this weird thing and how you would prefer to provide feedback, then you’ll go there.  After that you’ll be able to give us feedback at any time from the YouDriver menu.

If you want to use out site to do it, then we can set you up a page where you can just add issues as you go. 

After a short while (this is where the template of your feedback page is being built), you will be redirected there, so please be patient! 

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