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Your health record

If you have already created a health record, it will appear below.  It will contain its name, a picture if you’ve uploaded one, some basic information you entered when you created and the date and time you created it.

If you’ve created more than one health record, you can delete the superfluous one by clicking the Delete button.

It looks like you haven't created a health profile yet

Build Your Health Record

If you haven’t got a health record, you can start to build it here.   You can put as much or as little as you like into this record, and you can make it as detailed or abbreviated as you like.  You can put a load of rubbish in if you want, just to see how it looks.  You can always change it later!

The first thing you have to do is to name your health record.  Make this name relevant to what you’re doing.  If you call the plan “My Health” you will see it referred to as [your user name] health record called [My Health].

You can also say which areas of health you’re currently most interested in.  They’re all interlinked (click button to see), but you can say what’s important to you now.  Finally, just say how you’re feeling at this minute.

Then hit the green button which says ‘Name your health record’.

After a short while (this is where the template of your health record is being built), you will be redirected to it, so please be patient!  You can see how healthy you are (amongst other things!). 

Next you’ll start to build your health record.  

On the next page you’ll be able to choose what bits you to complete, whether it’s doing an overall health questionnaire, working out what your values are,  establishing  your attitude to change or building your own individual action plan.