If You Drink Too Much You Need To Addess It - How?


It’s really a question for you – it depends totally on how you feel.  A lot of the problem is realising you have a problem!  See the considerations below and then decide what’s the best approach for you.

Sort it myself

Start a new habit to reduce your intake by creating a new habit.

Think of the old drink habits you’re in and create a new habit. This could be not to drink before going out or only taking a limited amount of money out with you.

Learn to control the alcohol strength and switch to lower content by switching products.

Make a commitment not to drink during the easy times of the week and avoid drinking with binge drinkers as this is the worst type of drinking. It’s not fun, cool and definitely not good for your health.

Take time out before you go out to add up the cost of the nights drinking and how many hidden calories you consumed that you won’t burn off easily.

Treating your body with respect is one of the first principles of taking charge; your kidneys and liver cannot cope with the volume of alcohol especially binge drinking. Look after them as you only get one set.

Taking control of you is the key to success when creating a new habit. Don’t let others over influence you.

Get some help

The NHS website provides information, facts and advice – click the link for more information.

Drinkline is the national alcohol helpline – call 0300 123 1110 (weekdays 9am to 8pm, weekends 11am to 4pm) – it’s free and calls are in confidence.

Drinkaware provide a number of tools you can use.  You can also chat with an adviser on their website.  They can help you:

The SupportLine provides a confidential telephone helpline (and email and post support) on any issue, aimed particularly at those who are isolated or vulnerable.  It also provides details of a number of other support services 

YouDrive thinks....

Overall we believe that it makes sense and it’s obvious that excessive alcohol intake will have an effect in the long term on your health and wellbeing. Take charge of your habits and don’t let others do that for you. Take charge of what you put in your mouth and learn to take control. If you’re struggling with will power there is lots of help available.

People who looked at DrinkDrive also looked at ChangeDrive and MindDrive.

You’ve seen more detail on the different points of view, and also what YouDrive’s view is.  You can go back to DrinkDrive by clicking the button here.

More information

The NHS have a section on alcohol support

Drinkaware specialise in drink related problems

Michael’s House is a US treatment centre which gives 6 warning signs you might have a problem

DrinkCoach is a service prividing coaching support and a free app to monitor your drinking

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