Wednesday Lockdown Quiz 3

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Part 1 General Knowledge

This section is on General Knowledge – to make it easier for you, all questions in this section are multiple choice.  

You select which option you want for each question, then press ‘Submit’.

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The Quiz

As you’ll have guessed, this is about general knowledge.  It’s multiple choice – just click the button you think is right.   It’s one point for each correct answer – don’t worry about writing the answers down  – hopefully it knows!

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Welcome to your Wednesday LQ3 General


With between 16-19 km per hour, what is the fastest land snake in the world?


An orchidometer is a medical instrument used to measure which part of the human body?


Which sex symbol first appeared in the 6 minutes long 1930 film Dizzy Dishes?


Which actor of eleven Carry On Films, was also nominated for an Academy Award for writing the lyrics to the song ‘Georgy Girl’?


Who came up with the fun advertising slogans ‘Naughty but Nice’ for cream cakes and ‘That’ll do nicely’ for American Express? (a person)


In which country are there six villages called Silly, 12 called Billy, and two called Pratt?


If you sailed directly south from Majorca which country would you reach?


When you see a rainbow, where is the Sun?


In which sport are the official competition balls kept for three days at 73.4 degrees Fahrenheit before being used?


The role of Indiana Jones was first offered to which actor?