Wednesday Lockdown Quiz 3

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Part 5 Geography

This section is on Geography – again all questions in this section are multiple choice.  

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Geography Liverpool

The Quiz

As you’ll have guessed, this is about geography.  It’s multiple choice – just click the button you think is right.   It’s one point for each correct answer – don’t worry about writing the answers down  – hopefully it knows!

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Welcome to your Geography LQ3

Why was Liverpool Overhead Railway closed in the 1950s

Which European capital city was named Christiania until 1925?

Which country does Greenland belong to?

Who or what is the Star of India?

Which of these is the most northerly US state?

What is the second largest country in Europe by area?

What is the largest US state by area?

The majority of the Orinoco River passes through which South American country?

What is the longest mountain range in the world?

The Fujita scale is used to measure which weather system?