Wednesday Lockdown Quiz 3

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Part 2 History

This section is on History – again all questions in this section are multiple choice.  

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The Quiz

As you’ll have guessed, this is about history.  It’s multiple choice – just click the button you think is right.   It’s one point for each correct answer – don’t worry about writing the answers down  – hopefully it knows!

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Welcome to your History LQ3

Out of the seven ancient wonders of the world, which one is still standing?

Which offspring of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon was crowned on 1st October 1553

Son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, he was crowned on 3rd September 1189.

During which year did Fidel Castro gain power over Cuba?

During which year did the RMS Titanic sink?

What was Henry VIII’s surname?

Which war was ended by the signing of the armistice on July 27 th, 1953?

Xerxes ruled a great empire around the fifth century BC. Which empire?

How many children did Queen Victoria have?

What was the former name of New York?