Lockdown Quiz Saturday

This is the Saturday Lockdown Quiz. There are rounds on:

  • General Knowledge (10 questions)
  • History and Geography (10 questions)
  • Sport (10 questions)
  • Picture round (20 pictures with 2 answers for each)
  • Music (10 questions)
  • Intros (10 intros – song and artist for each plus something in common and odd one out)
  • Multiple choice (12 questions)

So we reckon 114 is the sum of everything.

Although the pictures will appear in the quiz, clicking the button below will open the pictures in another window – just to stop you having to scroll. Similarly with the Intros.

Click button to open pictures in new window

Click button to open intros in new window

This is the quiz – enjoy! You’should get an email with your scores. Click on the ‘Next’ button below and the first set of questions will appear. When you finish them, click ‘Next’ again and the second set will appear.  You’ll have to scroll up to get to the beginning – sorry about that!

This quiz is for logged in users only.