Wednesday Lockdown Quiz 3

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Part 4 Sport

This section is on Sport – again all questions in this section are multiple choice.  

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The Quiz

As you’ll have guessed, this is about sport.  It’s multiple choice – just click the button you think is right.   It’s one point for each correct answer – don’t worry about writing the answers down  – hopefully it knows!

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Welcome to your Sport LQ3

Who is the fourth fastest male runner in the 100M?

Due to superstition, what didn’t Bjorn Borg do at Wimbledon?

How many laps are there in a single race at a speedway meeting?

Which sport was reintroduced to the Seoul Olympics after an absence of 64 years?

Who Was The First To Win The US Masters Five Times?

In September 2010, former steelworker Philippe Croizon swam the English Channel, completing the challenge in just less than 14 hours. The record at that time stood at 6 hours, 57 minutes and 50 seconds, so why was Croizon’s crossing so amazing?

At what sport did Scotland become world champions in 2005

In Judo, the Black belt is the highest, what colour is the second highest?

Who won the open in golf in 1987, 1990 & 1992?

How many years old must a horse be to enter the Grand National?