Lockdown Quiz #1 - More Fun

This is the start of your quiz

This version of Lockdown Quiz #1 is a more relaxed and fun way of doing the quiz.  Each section has its own page, so you’ll have to keep your scores on paper.  It also has video elements on most pages, vaguely linked to the first question (or not!).

If you want to take part in the quiz with some friends, it helps if you all connect on Skype, Zoom or Houseparty and then use a different device for the quiz. If not use two windows on one device.

If you’re doing that it will help to mute your microphone when you’re playing the videos – they say if there’s sound.

What's in the quiz?

There are 7 rounds, and each is on a new page.  To get to the new page, you have to click the red button after doing the quiz.

Most questions are multiple choice and each question gets you one point for a correct answer. Hopefully scoring in each round is automatic and we’ll ask you for your scores at the end of each round.

The rounds are (with the points available in each round also shown):

  1. General Knowledge (10)
  2. History (10)
  3. Words – anagrams (10)
  4. Sport (10)
  5. Geography (10)
  6. Picture round (19)
  7. Music (12)

Making a total of 81 points.

For no apparent reason we’ll have an animal theme going on.

Let's see how much you can remember...

They say they never forget…


Keep your wits about you

Eyes on the prize

We'll have a test

We’re doing all this because we’re isolating as a result of the coronavirus. It’s worth letting Al Murray put this into perspective.

During the quiz we’ll be playing some videos, so we’ll have a practice run here. Before playing the video, you might want to mute your microphone if you’re using the same computer for both the quiz and Skype during the video – remember to un-mute afterwards!

Play the first two and bit minutes of this video by clicking the arrow on the video, and let it play until he starts talking about “snapping out of it”, then press the video again which will pause it.

That's it

So let’s make a start! Click the button below to move on to the first round.