Mental Support

Sometimes you need help.  We try and provide this help as you need it – either by showing you some specialised organisations, suggesting some things you can use to help you, or specialised services you can use.

For products and specialised services we may receive a commission from the companies providing these products or services.  We try and illustrate things we ourselves use wherever possible, and we are independently owned and express only our own views. 

The mental support is set out by drives...

MindDrive is concerned with all aspects of mental health

StressDrive identifies symptoms of stress and explains what we can do about it

LaughterDrive describes some of the benefits of laughter

ChangeDrive discusses how important habits are in our lives and how we can change them

SleepDrive covers sleep and what to do if we have problems sleeping

CoachDrive describes how sometimes we need a helping hand and where to get it

LonelyDrive describes what happens we feel lonley and some steps that we can take

GamblingDrive is about the problems that happen when gambling gets out of control