Healthy Ageing

This section looks at the time we start slowing down work, enjoy retirement and then slow down.

As you get older things start to change, and sometimes this isn’t  what we’d planned.  We can start to become infirm and need more care, and it’s important that we have someone to look after us. 


“As you get older three things happen. The first is your memory goes, and I can’t remember the other two.”

Sir Norman Wisdom

Explore the journey to healthy ageing

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It used to be said that ‘the golden years’ started at 40 – is it now 60? [Golden Years]

As you get older, what can you do to stay ‘young at heart’? [Old as you feel]

Some real life examples of what you can achieve [Live the Dream]

When do you need to think about slowing down, and what are the ‘must do’ things to address? [Living Will]

As you get older, you might need to think about what help you might need. [Helping hand]

Finally, there comes a time…[What next?]

"The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age."
Lucille Ball
American actress, comedian, model and producer


Well, by this time in your life you should hopefully have had 2 stages of balanced life. When you retire it will be like starting all over again. It will be a major shock to your habitual system and making adjustments will be hard.

Initially most people spend their initial period doing all the things that you couldn’t do whilst working. But after a while you will achieve those short term goals.

The next part can be as difficult as working – that is planning your life, schedules, creating new habits and interests. Organising a busy retirement can be hard work and require a lot of effort. The easy thing is to stay in and watch TV and not to socialise.

The lifestyle indicator now is totally in your control so you can develop a plan containing healthy eating, regular exercise, socialising and new experiences and locations. Also  developing interests with other people. 

More and more people are turning to technology to communicate and keep in touch. In the recent Covid-19 crisis many people over 70 who were asked to isolate took more time out to learn technology on their computers and phones in order to stay in touch with loved ones and family and friends.

Government Scheme

The Government Ageing better scheme is working on areas around improving housing and social environments for retired people.

Developing initiatives to remove barriers that stop or discourage retired people from going out and about such as hearing loss, impaired vision, improved foot and dental health, arthritis and incontinence. These can all be debilitating and make people feel that they don’t want to go out and socialise etc.

This initiative is also looking at “Around the Home” issues that stop retired people making the most of their lives from home adaptions etc to technology.

LIFEstyle indicator in this stage of life looks at the key areas of health – keeping fit, eating regularly and a balanced diet and hydration. Then there is the social side of life and communications with others. Keeping a healthy mental status, healthy body means your LIFEstyle Indicator will be above average.


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