Physical Support

Sometimes you need help.  We try and provide this help as you need it – either by showing you some specialised organisations, suggesting some things you can use to help you, or specialised services you can use.

For products and specialised services we may receive a commission from the companies providing these products or services.  We try and illustrate things we ourselves use wherever possible, and we are independently owned and express only our own views. 

The physical support is set out by drives...

EpidemicDrive is about epidemics and pandemics, like coronavirus

FuelDrive is about nutrition and what we eat

WaterDrive is avout hydration and what we drink

FitnessDrive is all about getting and staying fit

SmokeDrive is about stopping smoking

JobDrive is about working – problems you may have at work and how to stay healthy at work.

WeightDrive is about losing weight – the different ways to do it

DrinkDrive is about how much alcohol we drink

DrugDrive provides information on drugs and addiction

GreenDrive is to do with healthy living and the environment

TestDrive is about finding out what nutrition and vitamins we might need