Welcome to your General Nutrition Knowledge Questionnaire

This will take approximately 18 minutes to complete, and is aimed at improving your understanding of nutrition from a number of different angles.  It isn't meant to categorise you - instead you will see how other people have done in this questionnaire.

This questionnaire was designed in the 1990s and has been updated based on advances in understanding of associations between diet and disease, which have led to changes in dietary recommendations. It provides a comprehensive measure of the nutritional knowledge of UK adults. The instrument will help to identify areas of weakness in people's understanding of healthy eating and will also provide useful data for examining the relationship between nutrition knowledge and dietary behaviour which, up until now, has been far from clear.

Items were generated paying particular attention to content validity. The initial version of the questionnaire was piloted and assessed on psychometric criteria. Items which did not reach acceptable validity were excluded, and the ®nal 50 item version was administered to two groups differing in nutritional expertise on two occasions to assess the construct validity and test-retest reliability.

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