Welcome to your How Green Are You?

Here are fifteen questions that ask you how you would act in various daily situations that you may already have experienced or may experience in the future. Choose the response that you feel is closest to how you would act in each situation.

A person (student) next to you leaves the tap running while cleaning their teeth. Do you:

You are passing by an empty (class)room/office and notice that all the fans and lights have been left on. Do you:

You are walking with a friend and he/she casually throws a chocolate wrapper on the ground. Do you:

You see a documentary showing the cruel and unhygienic conditions in factory meat/chicken farms. Do you:

You see someone on the street abusing an animal. Do you:

You hear that many cosmetics and toiletries are tested on animals causing them extreme pain and suffering. Do you:

When you go shopping do you:

You notice that your friends often take more food than they can eat and just dump it out afterwards. Do you:

Your parents go everywhere by car even if it is only for a short distance and are also talking about getting a new, bigger car. Do you:

You discover that one of your favourite musicians or movie stars actively supports an environmental or animal rights NGO group. Do you:

We all know that paper is made from trees. When you use paper, do you:

Large hotels and tourist resorts have a huge environmental impact and usually ignore the needs of local people. They require unlimited water and energy for bathrooms, swimming pools, golf courses, A/C, lighting and TV, and create large amounts of sewage along with food and paper waste. When you and your family travel, do you:

Your favourite piece of clothing has become a little old and now has a small hole in it. Do you:

You need to buy soap and washing powder for your school trip. How do you decide which one to buy?

What is most important to you when you buy something?

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