Sleep Support

Types of Support

We offer support in a number of ways.  We provide links to generic support organisations such as charities in more specific areas, for a particular need or problem.  We also in some cases provide specific support, sometimes in the form of one-to-one help, sometimes special events or services. Finally, we can offer links to products which we believe can help in this area. In these last two cases, they contain affiliate links which mean that we may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. 

Support Organisations

The organisations in this category are generally government organisations or charities, set up to help people with this particular issue.

The NHS have a section on alcohol support here

Drinkaware is an independent charity trying to reduce alcohol misuse here

Specific events, coaching / training or technical support

These are more specific things you can do, such as take a course or get one-to-one advice.  There may be a charge involved.  

Birmingham Sleep Clinic will assess your sleep problems and recommend treatment here

The Insomnia Clinic have a quiz and an online course to improve sleep  here

The Priory Group offer advice and treatment for sleep issues here

Sleepstation offer a drug free and validated sleep improvement programme  here

The Sleepstation 6 week course is free with GP referral here


There may be some things you can buy which will help you achieve your targets.  Some of these are listed here. Again there will be a cost involved, and you’ll leave our site to buy them.  We may earn a small commission.

Breathe Right Nasal Strips to stop snoring

Thin clear nasal strips which help you breathe and sleep better and stop snoring

Wellbeing CD sleep aid

This relaxing CD helps with anxiety, panic attacks and stress

The Restored 5HTP sleep supplement

This totally vegan and natural non drowsy liquid reduces tiredness and restores energy

The Sleep Book - how to sleep well

This book is available in all formats and its 5 week plan cures sleep problems. Available in Kindle and paperback.

Sleep Hypnosis album

This MP3 from Positive Life Therapy is available from Amazon Music

The 4 Pillar Plan

How to relax, eat, move and sleep your way to a longer healthier life.  Small changes that will make a big difference. Available in Kindle, paperbook and audiobook.

Cognito Natural Sleeping Pills

These all natural sleeping pills are totally non addictive and all natural

Night School: the science of sleep

This book deals with the science of sleep, and how you can use your sleeping brain to help you change your working life. In Kindle, hard cover, paperback and audiobook.

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

This Works! It’s a nice smelling natural spray which aids sleep and reduces anxiety

Kindle Unlimited

A lot of support comes in the form of additional focussed reading, and we use Amazon as a source of books.  We find reading on Kindle more convenient (you can change the font size when your eyes get tired!).  If you do read, we use Kindle Unlimited as a way of reading books cheaply, and you can get three months free by clicking the link below.

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