What does success mean to you?

There is no doubt that this pandemic is serious, and that sadly many people will die after being affected by Covid-19.  The government (not just here but across the world) are certainly taking it very seriously, based on the best medical advice.

There is a school of thought that notes that the numbers dying from other causes like winter flu don’t get the same level of attention, but have always been there. Further the measures put in place will cause long term damage, not just to ‘the economy’ but to people’s lives.

See the arguments set out below and then decide what  you think.

It's about achievement and wealth

What matters?

How can you be happy if you’re constantly struggling to make ends meet?  How can you consider yourself successful if everyone else seems to have better everything than you do?

How can I succeed in what I do?

This is about setting realistic goals and achieving them.  Setting these goals, writing them down and then focussing on achieving them is key.

What happens when I've made it?

Sadly there are many instances where some famous and very wealthy people have car crash lives and fall into despair.

How can I get help?

Look at some of the links below and see some additional information. Further, sign up as a YouDriver and start an action plan focussed on goal setting and / or achievement.

It's all in your mind

Your attitude is key

Your expectations are really important – if you set unrealistic expectations it’s likely you will FAIL to achieve them – instantly making success impossible!

Square peg, round hole

It’s not necessarily purely ability that differentiates success from failure. Some people who have failed simply because they set themselves the wrong objectives in the wrong area.

Create your own self-identity

You need to establish the right purpose – be clear on what you want to achieve

Why give something back?

Studies of happiness reflect that making other people (and animals) happy makes us happier too, and if happiness in any way correlates to success then this is a positive step.

You can see more below, or go back to SuccessDrive or Home

YouDrive Thinks

We have seen both sides of this discussion, and we think both have some relevance; we believe success can be found from a combination of the two approaches.

We spent years working in change in the corporate world, and achieved some material success.   We decided we didn’t like the state of the nation – we thought it was going in the wrong direction, and we wanted to add our thoughts, support and help to others.  So we created YouDriveHealth  to give something back.  

Quality of Life

…or happiness, or wellbeing, or….

We believe success is not about material things, but it’s about quality of life. Enough money to pay bills, enough money to eat healthily and have  companions, whether human or animals. Life quality to carry out hobbies, bring up children in a safe and happy environment, ideally with both parents participating. Life quality is about having passion(s), ideally that potentially give something back, and potentially earn you extra money. Life quality is about working in a job you love and looking forward to getting up each day. But likewise, life quality is looking forward to leaving work and coming home to a different life.

So life quality is also about happiness. Not every day, that’s impossible especially with the pressures on the life we live. Someone at some stage is going to pass away and our lives will be turned upside down. But if our lives can be filled with more happiness  rather than less then that’s important.

The clock is ticking

Life is not a dress rehearsal and we don’t get a second go; we are not able to turn back time. So, we need to reflect each month, quarter and year on what has happened over that period and is it really what we wanted to do. Nearly 70% of people hate the job they do but 85% of people don’t like change and the fear of the unknown, so will stick with the job they don’t like. The remaining 15% think: “I’ll be a long time dead, so over the next two to three years I am going to change my life so that every day I have a passion to get up and go to work.
Is it better to die at 50 a wealthy person with all the trappings that brings, or live to 90 and have a moderate standard of living? Many wealthy people who have been faced with death would give up their wealth to live longer, a sobering thought.

Following your passion isn’t easy

Today more and more Knighthoods, MBEs and OBEs are given to people who have gone the extra mile to help others. Be it years of dedication to charities, or saving a person’s life, or giving a life for someone else. Success is very personal but requires dedication and focus. We can all look at movie stars, music stars or business people who surround themselves with lots of hangers-on, who would not be there if it was not for their wealth or status. Many of these people are not happy and have spent a lifetime being unhappy. Fame and wealth did nothing for their inner soul.

So, when you look at someone who appears successful you have no idea at what cost that came. Our typical view of success is a big house or expensive car or boat etc. but is that really success? It might be to some, but others would be horrified by it.

This is Called Life

This short video on TikTok shows a couple dancing – he is 94 and she is 91. Wouldn’t we all wish we could do this than? In fact, we can’t do it now!

Click here.

Most people think the more money, luxury or fame they have, the more successful they are. But I think that the true sign of success depends on how many positive emotions they experience each day.

You’ve seen more detail on the different points of view, and also what YouDrive’s view is.  You can go back to SuccessDrive by clicking the button here.

More information

The Philadelphia Trumpet has an interesting article on success, and what constitutes real success – well worth a read

LifeHack have an article on redefining the meaning of success here

Verywellmind have an article setting out 6 steps for success in life here

Brian Tracy is a world renowned public speaker and his website has a section covering success – personal success as well other types of success 

By entering your email address, you can download Brian Tracy’s 14 step goal setting guide, which sets out how you can set goals and achieve success – you can download it here.

Herbert W Armstrong’s famous  leaflet sets out seven laws of success – this is what’s referred to in the Trumpet article above – you can download it here.

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