Test Support

Types of Support

We offer support in a number of ways.  We provide links to generic support organisations such as charities in more specific areas, for a particular need or problem.  We also in some cases provide specific support, sometimes in the form of one-to-one help, sometimes special events or services. Finally, we can offer links to products which we believe can help in this area. In these last two cases, they contain affiliate links which mean that we may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. 

Support Organisations

The organisations in this category are generally government organisations or charities, set up to help people with this particular issue.

The NHS have information on eating well  here

The NHS also have information about getting blood tests done at the doctor’s here

Specific events, coaching / training or technical support

These are more specific things you can do, such as take a course or get one-to-one advice.  There may be a charge involved.  

Forth provide a wide range of home blood tests, as well as an App to monitor your results and track your progress here

Home Blood Tests allow you to choose from a range of tests to be done at home – see here

Nuffield Health offer blood tests here

Medichecks offer a range of blood tests  here


There may be some things you can buy which will help you achieve your targets.  Some of these are listed here. Again there will be a cost involved, and you’ll leave our site to buy them.  We may earn a small commission.

Bowel Cancer Screening Kit

5% UK people will get bowel cancer, and this includes more young people. You can get checked with a test done in your own home.

2 blood tests Group A, B, RhD testing

Use this test to find your blood type – useful before you go travelling.  Easy to use and 99% accurate.

Interpreting Your Blood Work

Do you know how to interpret the results of your blood test? It’s worth understanding this, as it affects your overall health. In paperback.

Calcium, Zinc & Vitamin D Supplement

Vegetarian tablets providing 100% of your daily requirements for these key vitamins.

Intermittent Fasting for Diabetes

More than 500 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes. This book shows how you can reduce your blood pressure and reverse your insulin resistance simply and cheaply. Available in Kindle and paperback.

150+ Recipes for your blood type

This Kindle book shows you recipes aimed at people with blood type B – you can see other types by following the link.

Stories About Psychosomatic Illness

Nearly a third of people visiting their GP have symptoms that are medically unexplained.  This book explores psychosomatic illness. Available in Kindle, hard cover, paperback, audiobook and CD

Homemade Hand Sanitizer - WHO Accredited

Learn how to make the only DIY hand sanitizer recipe accredited by the World Health Organisation

Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic

Perfect timing – this book explains the transmission of deadly viruses from animals to humans, and describes how we can deal with a global pandemic. David Quammen predicted this viral pandemic and global 

KN95 Antivirus Face Masks

This pack 10 masks have adjustable nose clip and are made of high quality cotton with filter protection and are reusable.

Fighrh 3 layer Anti Virus Face Masks

Lightweight 3 layer antivirus blue disposable with adjustable nose bridge strip and elastic ear loops. Comes as 70 pieces.

Your Homemade Hand Sanitizer Book

Given that hand sanitizers are impossible to buy, this book shows how to make your own hand sanitizer recipes so that you can remain safer when you move around.

Refillable Portable Pump Bottles

If you make your own hand sanitizer, you’ll need to carry it. Try this 6 piece set of plastic bottles.

127 Things To Do While Quarantined

This gives fun and productive things to do while you’re quarantined, which could mean bored, scared, confused and stir-crazy. In Kndle and paperback

Isolation Door Sticker

Laminated vinyl door sticker approx 5″ x 8″ (13cm x 20cm) suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Has £0.95 postage charge.

Kindle Unlimited

A lot of support comes in the form of additional focussed reading, and we use Amazon as a source of books.  We find reading on Kindle more convenient (you can change the font size when your eyes get tired!).  If you do read, we use Kindle Unlimited as a way of reading books cheaply, and you can get three months free by clicking the link below.

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