Lockdown Quiz #1 - Full On

This is the start of your quiz!

This is the full-on version of the quiz – it starts at the top and just scrolls down the page. 

If you want to take part in the quiz with some friends, it helps if you all connect on Skype, Zoom or Houseparty and then use a different device for the quiz. If not use two windows on one device.

It will go better if you have another device – tablet ideally – on which to do the quiz, as we’ll need two windows open – one for Skype so we see each other and one for actually doing the quiz, which is online.

What's in the quiz?

There are 7 rounds, and each is on a new page.  To get to the new page, you have to click the red button after doing the quiz.

Most questions are multiple choice and each question gets you one point for a correct answer. Hopefully scoring in each round is automatic and we’ll ask you for your scores at the end of each round.

The rounds are (with the points available in each round also shown):

  1. Picture round (19)
  2. General Knowledge (10)
  3. Music (12)
  4. Geography (10)
  5. History (10)
  6. Sport (10)
  7. Words – anagrams (10)

Making a total of 81 points.

For the picture round it will make it easier if you write the answers down on a piece of paper first, to avoid scrolling up and down, then key them in when you’ve finished this round.

Maps and Flags

The outlines of various countries are shown below, with their nation colours.  You have to enter the country – each word starts  with a capital letter and you have to spell it right!


Match sports person with their equipment

The sports personalities are shown as A to I.  You have to enter the number corresponding to their sports equipment by each one.

sports equipment

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Well that's the end of your quiz.

Press Submit to see your scores and the answers.

We hope you’ve enjoyed it.  Please leave a comment below.