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During these difficult times we all need some social interaction, and given we shouldn’t be meeting up in person we have to use social media and other forms of interaction.

We have used a number of different tools and ways of entertaining ourselves, and we can share these with you here.

They all use technology, and we know some people struggle with that!  

BT have done a series of Tech Tips about using technology at home, whether it’s for working from home, home schooling, keeping in touch or just enjoying yourself.

Ways of Keeping in Contact

Video conferencing is a common way of seeing friends, family and loved ones. It used to be used for work a lot, and Skype has been around for decades.  So let’s start there.


First released in 2003 (!), it’s now used by 100 million people on a monthly basis.  It provides 10-way video, chat and conference calls between PCs, Macs, tablets, mobile phones, smart watches and X-Box consoles.  You download the software here and run it – it’s free.

Now owned by Microsoft, they also have Skype for Business and Teams. The latest version allows you to create virtual backgrounds.


The basic plan gives you 40 minutes linked to up to 100 people. 

It has some great features such as screen sharing, breakout rooms and camera filters (which allow you to create virtual backgrounds – see an example of an online Cards of Humanity game when one participant put their name as Clarissa!). Download here.


Google Hangouts

Free chat app from Google – integrates with Google Calendar and Gmail and works on Chrome. Doesn’t support dual stream video and quality can be iffy.


Loads of people use WhatsApp for chat, but you can also use it for video calling. It has over 2 billion users and given that you can use it from virtually any device, it’s almost the default. Only has groups of up to four. You can only use it on one device (without transferring it, and the PC version doesn’t have video.


A group video chat service available on Android, iOS and PC, where you can just join friends if they’re online.  On the mobile versions there are also games and quizzes available (see below), 

Facebook Messenger

Free video, chat and calling from Messenger, for groups of up to six. We have the quality to be surprisingly good and given most of the people you’re likely to hanging out with are likely to be Facebook friends, anyway, it’s very convenient.


Video and audio calls – up to 32 people but only on Apple!


Video chat with up to six people free.


Free and does not need any installs – up to 25 people can join video calls. You can just send a link and people can join. Download here.


Does international calling and one-on-one video chats really well.  You can record video and audio messages too. Free between Viber users. Download here.

Marco Polo

We use this – it’s not real time but you set up groups and leave video messages for each other.Handy if you have necessary distractions (e.g. small children!). On Android and iOS.

Online Multi-Player Games

There are some great games out there, but you need your gang to all want to play the same game.  Some of our favourites are shown below.  Jackbox Games have a wide selection of party games, 

Cards Against Humanity

You need to be broad minded to enjoy this! There are some great clones of the card game out there which you can play online – we like allbadcards where you just follow the linkm create a (ludicrous) user name, confirm, then copy the link and send it via chat to your party.. You can choose which packs you want to use. Great fun but not for the squeamish!

Chips & Guac

This is the same without the offence – a word association game where you play a word and your friends try to make a match.  It’s on Houseparty on Android and iOS.   


Basically online Pictionary – you draw with your finger so often the output could be anything!. You go to a private room and decide how many rounds, how long drawing time people will have and a list of custom words you can choose from. Copy the link and invite your friends.

There’s a Pictionary clone in Houseparty too – called Quick Draw.

Drawful 2

Imagine this as the last game’s odd aunty!  The things you have to draw are weird, and it needs a minimum of three players and up to eight. On Android and iOS.


Free to download for Android and iOS – you make up fake answers to real questions.  Good to video chat while you’re playing it.

Heads Up!

Free to download for Android and iOS – it’s basically a modern online version of charades, where cards appear at the top of the screen and you have to mime it so they guess what it is. There are some great decks – “Sound It Out” where it’s sounds effects only and “Karaoke Night” where you hum a classic song.

It’s on Houseparty (mobile) too.

Careful – the video is long! 


The online version of the card game is on Android and iOS and has some interesting angles – you can play with friends, play in tournaments or 2 v 2.


This is a BIG game!  There are just so many things you can do – can you imagine a game with pigs, horses, zombies, golems, maps, books,….You can play on your own, or with friends online.

You cet this on Amazon here.  Once you buy it it’s available from you Games library.


Online quizzes are very popular, and easily available. 

YouDriveHealth Quiz

We posted a quiz on to our portal which is easy to access.  We did it in two formats, one for some fun with friends and one for people who just want to do a quiz.

This is our quiz.  It’s called the Wednesday Lockdown Quiz because we first ran it with friends at home on Wednesday! It has about 7 rounds and takes an hour or so. Click the button to have a look.

This was the first version – with each section having its own page, so you’ll have to keep your scores on paper.  It also has video elements on most pages, vaguely linked to the first question (or not!). This one has some video elements that are quite rude, so don’t go there if you’re easily offended!

Trvia on Houseparty

Trivia has 18 free decks of questions , including a “Finish The Song Lyric” round which is good fun.

Stoo Pittaway

They Speedquizzing live app can be downloaded on the Apple app store  – on Android it’s only available here – care to download the orange icon.

Pub Quizzes

There are lots of pub quizzes available online – often on different nights of the week.

Multiplayer Trvia

Simple and easy to access, you can make your own questions and set the time to answer.  It gives you hints which become easier as time goes on.  Worth a look  here.


This app has thousands of questions on 1,200 topics! You can play friends or enter tournaments. A bit dated now and the ads are annoying. On both Android and iOS.